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The Beauty of Giving Back

by Karim Orange

giving backBeauty is my thing! As a beauty expert and blogger I receive products on the regular, to try for recommendation. I must be honest that this is one of the perks that I enjoy. I also get invited to a lot of beauty centered events (something else I enjoy). This past week I was invited to a different kind of beauty event that was really inspired by the true nature of beauty. The theme of the event was to bring in your un-opened beauty products (most bloggers have a great deal), to donate to an organization for women need based in New York City (WIN). The event was hosted by The Woods PR Group and Miracle Skin Transformer. I though is was really amazing that a skin care company was behind this, because it says a lot about the heart of the company. Miracle Skin Transformer chose to step away from the normal selling aspect and get into the giving. They were so pleased with the turn out, and the amount of women that donated products that they will be doing this several times a year.

giving back

I wanted to share this event with the Organic Spa Living Community to help inspire you as we move forward towards the end of Spring. This is a great concept that many of us can do on so many levels. If you have un-opened beauty products that your not going to use invite your friends to do the same, and make it a party. Do your part by giving back¬†the unopened products to local ¬†women’s shelters or similar organizations in your area. If you have slightly used products (that a lot of shelter administrators will not take). Try connecting with a few women you see outside of a shelter and offer a lotion, body wash or shampoo. (universal products are always best).

Beauty should be about giving beauty, a beautiful smile or beautiful words. Simple beauty gestures can really make someone’s day, think about that this beautiful season. Until next time…Love and Lipstick

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