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After Sun Skin Soothers

by Daniella Saul

While sun-kissed skin can look fresh and young, skin exposed to an afternoon in the sun may not feel that way. Redness and sensitivity are telltale signs of the effects of powerful UV rays, often leaving skin painfully parched in the summer. Unfortunately, the time it takes to recover from a nasty burn can range from a few days to a few weeks— much longer than the mid-afternoon hours it takes to achieve one.

If you find yourself in a bind and can’t get your hands on these skin-soothing products fast enough, there are at-home remedies you can try to decrease persistent sunburn. Hold a cool compress, soaked in black tea, to the affected area, or take a cold shower to calm the burning sensation.

Hydration is key aid to the healing process, and it’s important to maintain your body’s fluid intake by drinking lots of water. Apple cider vinegar is known for a variety of health benefits, so it’s no surprise that sunburn relief is one of its useful properties. Draw a cool bath and pour some apple cider vinegar to decrease redness and inflammation.

But the best thing you can do to combat sunburn is to prevent it in the first place – always use sun protection with a minimum of SPF 15 and try to keep out of the direct sunlight during the brightest hours of 10 to 4.

Me and the Girls The Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar

The Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar is a catch-all for damage control. It illuminates and repairs sun-drenched skin, as well as providing intense moisture in an ultra-rich formula. It can also be used as an oil treatment for dry skin, as well as parched hair. meandthegirls.com

Yum Skincare Aloederme Solar Balm

Yum Skincare’s Aloederme Solar Balm contains calming aloe vera and jojoba oil to reignite the skin’s radiance after sun damage. Add this product to your routine for all the hydration without the greasy after-touch, and to fortify your skin and fight early aging. yumiskincare.com

Trilogy Products Everything Balm

Rosehip extracts and pawpaw oil from papaya blend together in this multifunctional product. Use to soothe and heal skin anytime and anywhere with the convenient size and multitude of benefits held in this non-greasy balm. trilogyproducts.com

Shea Radiance Unscented Body Cream with Shea and Oat Extract

This ultra-hydrating body cream from Shea Radiance is formulated with powerful and effective ingredients, such as shea butter and baobab oil, to promote collagen production and restore elasticity. Especially useful for those who experience dry and chapped post-sun skin, to replenish lost moisture. shearadiance.com

Babo Botanicals Calming Baby Lotion

Full of vitamins and antioxidants, Babo Botanicals’ Calming Baby Lotion is a soothing lavender formula that can be used to calm a strong sunburn and repair skin damage. Utilizing the effectiveness of chamomile, meadowsweet oil and calendula, this lotion is perfect for both children and adults alike. babobotanicals.com

Badger Balm After-Sun Skin Balm

This restorative balm features a soothing formula of olive oil, beeswax, shea and cocoa butters and lavender to revitalize summertime skin. Beneficial to the entire body, this tropical skin conditioner is a must-have for after-sun damage. badgerbalm.com

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