Stay Motivated when the Temperature Dips

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / September 12, 2011

5 Ways to Beat Thanksgiving Ho-Hums

If you’re cooped up in a gym — or worse, skipping workouts entirely as the climate gets colder — you’re missing out on the best fit option of all: outdoor sports. Keep head and hands covered, dress in layers, rehydrate, and you’ll have fun and burn fat faster this season. Try to:

1. Ice Skate: Inexpensive, family friendly recreation that sculpts legs and butt and makes you feel graceful and more confident.

2. Switch Your Scene: Staring at a brick wall during the same-old treadmill runs? Ignite exercise interest by hiring a personal trainer for a single session or trying a new salsa DVD or Spin class.

3. Snow Shoe: Like hiking with tennis racquets on your feet, this super-safe activity tones hips, thighs, and calves.

4. Snow Board: Close to nine million adventurous Americans have tried this thrilling, balance-boosting workout, but lessons are a must-do.

5. Tap the Competition! Exercise with a buddy who is fitter and leaner than you. Healthy role models can push your mind-body limits.

Half Stairmaster, Half Elliptical Machine

Does anyone else think their favorite elliptical workout has gotten way too easy through the years? Burn more muscle in less time and amp up exercise intensity with SportsArt’s S770 Pinnacle Trainer, which offers a low-impact, high-intensity workout much like an elliptical machine. One study says SportsArt Fitness’ new S770 Pinnacle Trainer provides similar heart rate and caloric expenditures to running on a treadmill at 6 to 7 miles per hour. Users also burned calories 30 percent faster than they did when using an elliptical machine at a similar cadence because it combines the traditional forward motion with sideways movements to enhance core stability and balance. Gyms across the country are now sporting the contraption, and home versions are available; you can lease or buy one.

Fitness Package at Rosewood Sand Hill

In addition to great wine, fabulous hiking, and the heady home to high-tech, Northern Cali has a new offering: Available through December 31, the spa at Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park offers a “Healthy, Fit and Senseational” package featuring a two-night stay, in-depth nutritional consultation with menus, an hour-long intensive personal training session, and a 90-minute Signature Body Sense treatment. The Sig starts with an aromatic scrub to cleanse and purify, then a body mask is applied to detoxify. While wrapped, you’ll experience a hot oil scalp massage to calm the mind. After showering, firming body oil is applied, leaving you toned, nourished and hydrated. This package starts at $975.

Book Now: Affordable Holiday Cruising

Here’s your last chance to cruise in 2010! Viking River Cruises offers four diverse 10-day programs in Europe, where so many festive traditions began hundreds of years ago. All four cruises sail through the heart of Germany on the Rhine or Danube Rivers and include river-view accommodations, daily tours, all meals, and visits to magical holiday markets. All-inclusive pricing starts at $1,622 per person: “History, culture, and local traditions are important parts of Christmas in Europe and we wanted to share that,” says Richard Marnell, Viking’s senior vice president. Traveling during this merry time of year, and for an affordable price, means large and extended families can celebrate together, he adds.

° Winter on the Danube – Nuremberg to Budapest, December 18

° Winter Rhineland – Amsterdam to Basel, December 19

° Winter Holiday – Nuremberg to Vienna, December 19

° European Winter Sojourn – Budapest to Passau, December 18

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey, M.S. is a travel and wellness expert who earned a Master’s Degree in the health sciences while writing and editing for industry giants, such as The New York Times, Fitness Magazine and Her true passion is adventure travel and her spa reporting has taken her all over the world.
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