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Living Well

by Organic Spa Magazine

Stacy Keibler opens up about her organic and wellness lifestyle.

Stacy Keibler was speeding along in high gear. Her life in the fast track led the former professional WWE wrestler, Dancing with the Stars alum and actor to spend more than 300 days on the road every year. But when she decided to settle down with her husband, Jared Pobre, her priorities shifted.

Keibler left her life in Hollywood and the couple moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to raise their daughter Ava, 5, and son Bodhi, 17 months. (They recently announced that a third child is on the way.) “When I was pregnant with Ava, I realized that I wanted to take a step back from my career to focus on family,” she says. “Once I had her, I wanted to step back 100 percent.”

It was also important to Keibler that the family “find a deeper connection to nature,” she says. Their place in Jackson Hole was originally a vacation home, but, as often happens, the couple found themselves spending more time there, and it became harder to go back to LA. They decided Wyoming was where they wanted their kids to grow up. “Spending time in nature is very important to me,” says the Maryland native. “I grew up that way. There were woods behind our house and we would spend hours there. Connecting with nature is good for my health, happiness and overall well-being.”

According to Keibler, Ava is already an excellent skier, and Bodhi has been on skis since he was a one-year-old. “We are a very active family, and take advantage of the paradise we live in,” says Keibler. “Our family goes on regular hikes and bike rides. We go fishing, skiing, we even enjoy stargazing together.”

As an athlete, Keibler always lived an active lifestyle, but it was after a health scare that she had a wellness epiphany. “I had always loved the fitness side of health and wellness, but was never into the diet and nutrition piece until I had health issues,” she says. “Suddenly, I had an awakening and decided that I wanted to heal everything in a holistic manner,” she continues. She began to educate herself about healing with food, and, at that point, she and Pobre, a tech entrepreneur, decided to put their lives on pause, and move to Jackson Hole. “We both took a break from our careers to focus on family and health and wellness,” she says.

Now, eating healthfully and practicing mindfulness is an ongoing part of their lifestyle shift. “I only use organic, nontoxic products—food, skincare, cleaning products for the house,” she says. “We seek out organic foods since they contain less pesticides, heavy metals and usually don’t contain preservatives. Organic farming is also better for the environment.” And she has rules about cell phones, which include leaving them in another room when at home, and abolishing them from mealtime.

“Spending time in nature is very important to me. Connecting with nature is good for my health, happiness and overall well-being.”

Keibler and her husband recently launched a natural men’s skincare line, Caldera + Lab, together. “During our traveling back and forth from the pollution of LA and the dry climate and high altitude of Jackson Hole, we noticed that our skin started to suffer as a result,” she says. “I had access to a variety of quality, nontoxic women’s skincare products, but we could not find a clean, high performance brand for Jared. This is how Caldera + Lab was born.”

They spent almost three years on research and development, working with a team of herbalists, green chemists and formulators. There is now one product in the line, a single-step facial treatment called The Good, with more in development. One thing that makes it especially unique is that many ingredients are wild-harvested locally in Jackson Hole. “Wild-harvest ingredients actually have more antioxidants because they have to withstand harsh conditions,” she says. Caldera + Lab is also certified Cosmos ECOCERT and MADE Safe, it is a registered B Corp, and the packaging is recyclable.

“At Caldera + Lab, we hold ourselves to high standards of environmental impact,” says Keibler. “Since we had children, we’ve become more conscious about what is happening with global warming. We want our children and their children to have the same quality of environment that we grew up with.”

Does she miss the fast pace of her old life? “There is nothing like the energy of performing, it is incredible,” she says. “But it is not possible with kids.” As far as going back some day, “It would have to be the right project, when the kids are older,” she says.

Meanwhile, it seems as though Keibler and Pobre have mastered the art of work/life balance. “We work from home. If one of us needs to work, we do, and the other takes care of the kids. We are truly partners in business and at home,” says Keibler.


Mindful Moments

We’re heading into a new year—a new decade!— with this issue of Organic Spa magazine, and we asked Keibler to share her top five health and wellness tips with us.


  1. Set one realistic health/wellness goal each week such as meditation, a workout or practicing mindfulness—something that you can accomplish that will make you feel YOUR best.

  2. Moving your body consistently is so important for your physical strength, mental health and overall well-being. I love Pilates, personally!

  3. Drink more water.

  4. Educate yourself on ingredients. Learn the words that are hidden in our food and products that are harmful. When it comes to food, skincare or even cleaning products, I always read labels before I buy.

  5. Prioritize nutrition so you can feel your best. It’s important to me that I eat organic nourishing foods with minimally processed ingredients and added sugars. Since I eliminated dairy, sugar and gluten from my diet, I have never felt better in my life. Try eliminating items from your diet that don’t nourish your body, mind and soul.

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