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Spring Training

by Myron Mariano

Complement your beach body program with these fashionable and functional eco-clothing

Clothing Flatlay Photographs by Ian Limbaga


Nowadays, your yoga practice is no longer just the exercise you do after a workout. With new varieties being introduced each year, you can now use this Hindu discipline to help you lose weight, build and tone muscle, and improve your athletic endurance. “Start slow and steady, and get yourself to a more fiery practice,” says Mariel Jimenez, a New York-based Vinyasa Yoga teacher. “Play with arm balances, they’re good building core strength,” she says.

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We don't know about you, but the treadmills at the gym can get boring after a while. You may be logging in the miles, but you are certainly not feeling it. A good remedy? Take up terrain running. This outdoor workout revs your entire body by forcing you to navigate through non-flat roads littered with natural obstacles. Plus, you can get an early start on your tan. (Don't forget the sunscreen though.)

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For a great aerobic workout without the pounding on your joints, take a plunge. Taking as many laps as you can is a classic calorie-incinerating move. If you are sharing the community pool, do runs in the shallow end. The water will provide the necessary resistance to help make the workout challenging.

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Perhaps no other workout typifies the "world is your gym" ethos better than calisthenics. This form of exercise uses your body weight to build musculature. Because of this, you can work out anywhere and there isn't a laundry list of equipment that you need to purchase. To sweeten the deal, there are a variety of parks across the country that have the necessary set-up for you to get a solid burn. Find one in your city at calisthenics-parks.com.

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