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Spring Clean? Detox Your Bathroom Cabinets

by Nicole Dorsey Straff
expert Keri Glassman

expert Keri Glassman

You would not believe how many outdated, ancient medications I had to toss last weekend. Graying bottles dating back to 2009 (potentially decrepit) and post-surgery aspirin from 2008.  In shame, I interviewed New York nutrition and natural health expert Keri Glassman, M.S., R.D., CDN, about her own natural choices this season, and she provided me with healthier guidelines for upgrading my medicine cabinets.

1. Stand by the dates. Never buy anything without its expiration date. Keep oils like vitamin E and fish oil supplements in the refrigerator so they don’t become rancid.

2. See a specialist. Ask your integrative physician or naturopath to suggest specific items to supplement on a regular basis. Product reports are available at consumerlabs.com, but start with reputable brands, whether it’s online or in a Whole Foods near you. “Read the labels, know what you’re buying, and then dig deeper,” said Glassman.

3. Add vitamins D and B. Research indicates a Vitamin D deficiency can cause mood swings and exacerbate PMS symptoms. Nutritionist Glassman recommends having mood stabilizing homeopathic remedies ready to go for supplementation. “It makes sense to get some sunshine for 15 minutes a few times a week, and I try to head out after the strongest sun. But your makeup foundation and skin moisturizer should contain sunscreen too,” said Glassman, author of The New You and Improved Diet: 8 Rules to Lose Weight and Change your Life Forever (Rodale Publishing 2013).

vitamin d supplements(To get more D, I also sprinkle new Vitamin D powder into my oatmeal and yogurt, at right.  Skin Authority’s Whole Food Spice Powder and Vegan D face cream significantly up your vitamin ante and they’re 100 percent vegan.)

4. Stock probiotics for good bacteria and coconut oil for hydration. Finally, add ubiquinol, the “active” antioxidant form of CoQ10 in the body to any healthy line-up. “Ubiquinol is incredibly hard to absorb from food and we do not produce enough as we get older, it’s primary fuel for your heart, so that’s one supplement that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet,” said Glassman.

5. Have the basics on hand. Echinacea and zinc for colds and flu, antibiotic ointment, a Neti pot and filtered water to flush nasal passages, witch hazel for skin toning, Band-Aids, and, of course, vitamin C for boosting your immunity all year long.

6. Use a nighttime ritual. It’s a zen opportunity to take any daily medications or vitamins, light a soothing soy candle and drink a sleepy tea before bed, said Glassman, a busy mother of two in New York City.

When is the last time you tossed anything from your shelves? Detox today.

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