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Spa Treatments Inspired by the Lunar Cycle

by Celia Shatzman

The Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel Palm Springs, inspired by the lunar cycle

There’s nothing like taking in a full moon over an open desert sky. And the sky over Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel Palm Springs, CA, is so beautiful, the moon and stars so bright, they inspired the spa’s Moon Magic Rituals, based on the lunar cycles.

The Waning Moon Phase Ritual—from the full moon to the new moon—begins with a full body exfoliation with salt, charcoal and sage; a full body rubdown with an abdominal massage to boost the digestive and immune systems; followed by a warm oil scalp treatment with cypress and clary sage. A deep-cleansing facial soothes stressed skin and inflammation with turmeric, jojoba and aloe. The Waxing Moon Phase Ritual—from the new moon to the full moon—starts with a full body exfoliation with Fair Trade sugar, organic shea butter and jojoba oil to smooth and stimulate circulation. Next is a full body massage, a warm oil scalp treatment with palmarosa and anise and a repairing facial that balances skin with bilberry, licorice and St. John’s Wort.

The concepts, focusing on alchemy and holistic health, were developed by modern healer Jason Harler of the American Medicinal Arts. The customized offerings range from build-your-own herb oils and guided bike tours to life coach sessions, therapeutic yoga, guided hikes and meditations. At Estrella Spa, you relax and you’re in a different world, which is like the desert. It takes you in. avalonpalmsprings.com/estrellaspa

—Celia Shatzman

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