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Southern Spa Oasis: Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

by Feifei Sun

With its soaring skyscrapers and gridlock traffic, Atlanta is a city through and through. But at The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, it’s easy to find calm amidst the metropolitan madness. The hotel has an entire floor—called the Spa Level—dedicated to wellness, with rooms that feature amenities such as low-flow toilets, air purifiers, yoga mats and more. Spa Level guests also have first access to spa appointments and discounts on treatments, which include the Pure Bliss Massage. An 80-minute service, the treatment begins with a full-body massage using Pure Fiji products made with organic sikeci oil, good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis; organic dilo oil, which helps in the regeneration of skin tissue; and organic macadamia nut oil, which tones and softens dry skin. Heated stones are placed along the back, neck and shoulders for a bit of heat therapy, before the treatment ends with an invigorating scalp massage. The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead is a true Southern spa oasis.

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