Soothing Rhythms

By Margaret Coventry / September 30, 2011

Referred to by many as a “musical priestess,” ecstatic vocalist and composer Suzanne Sterling shares her rhythmic vision in Blue Fire Soul. The CD features 10 tracks, from the haunting Saraswati (Slow River Deep) to the soothing Bliss Ma (Lullaby). This compilation was created for the yoga journey and invites the listener to “open the doors of perception and step into our true nature: fully alive, totally awake.” Sterling, along with Seane Corn and Hala Khouri, is a co-creator of Off the Mat, Into the World—a project that offers national training programs and humanitarian tours that combine yoga and sustainable activism. The organization has raised close to $500,000 towards the cause of grassroots social change. www.whiteswanrecords.comMargaret Coventry

Margaret Coventry
Margaret Coventry

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