Sleep Well at Six Senses Douro Valley

by Sandra Ramani

Six Senses Douro Valley, in the heart of Northern Portugal’s lush wine region, has everything needed for an indulgent getaway, from gourmet dining and an in-house wine program to indoor and outdoor pools, and an excellent spa offering pampering treatments. But for those looking to focus on wellness—which, the hotel notes, is 35 percent of its guests—programs such as Sleep with Six Senses and Integrated Wellness help take things to a deeper level.

Guests on the doctor-designed sleep program begin the experience before arrival, by filling out a detailed questionnaire about sleep issues, nighttime habits and bedtime preferences. Hotel rooms are then outfitted accordingly with appropriate mattresses and pillows, moisture-wicking bedding and a bag of slumber-friendly items like a Neti pot, bamboo pajamas and a “worry journal,” as well as a sleep tracking machine that—once activated at bedtime—monitors how well and deeply you snooze, how many times you wake up and how often you hit prime REM cycles.

In the morning, guests meet with an expert to go over their sleep results, and to undergo a five-minute, noninvasive scan that tracks over 800 biometric markers in the body, from hydration levels and lymphatic circulation to spinal blockages. The scan is also available as part of the Integrated Wellness program; in both cases, the results are used to create a personalized program of fitness activities, spa treatments and nutritional plans, all geared toward balancing any issues. All of the dining menus (including at the recently opened, plant-based Terroir restaurant) offer healthy options to supplement the experience, and guests receive take-home information and post-stay support to help keep them on track—a useful souvenir from your Portuguese holiday.

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