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Skin Care Guide: Editor’s Letter

by Organic Spa Magazine

Well, it’s a start. As we go to press, President Obama signed a law that gives the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) new power to review and regulate the more than 84,000 chemicals found in everyday products, from beauty and personal-care to household cleansers, as well as toys and furniture.

It’s not the comprehensive ruling some of us had hoped for. But, as POTUS says, “Here in America, folks should have the confidence to know the laundry detergent we buy isn’t going to make us sick, [or] the mattresses that our babies sleep on aren’t going to harm them.” Yes, they should. The new law will give the EPA the power to assess chemicals against a brand-new risk-based safety standard, giving special weight to the risks to pregnant women and children.

Here at Organic Spa Magazine, in our eighth annual Skin Care Guide, non-toxic is the way we roll! We are thrilled to feature more than 1000 natural and organic skin care, hair care and cosmetic brands (look for free samples and giveaways in this issue)! We offer the latest healthy beauty and wellness news, with tools, treatments, products and expert advice on what is in, what is new, natural and most effective.

Take a look at our “Ancient Rituals,” and learn about “Healing with Essential Oils.” In “Food for Thought,” page 58, we offer a roadmap to top beauty foods and supplements. “De-Stressing Your Skin” provides a natural remedy for the most common skin flare-ups, and, responding to countless reader requests, “Male Essence,” will give the guys a guide to natural fragrances. And on page 87, we feature a fascinating look at the link between probiotics, immunity and the skin microbiome.

We bring you the latest age-defying tools and treatments, in “Turn Back Time,” on page 29, and “Here’s the Rub,” page 71, features great skin-moisturizing, muscle-soothing post-workout balms. And we are thrilled to bring you Kate Hudson’s thoughts on beauty and well-being, along with loving insight on her famous family.

Hope you enjoy the issue, with the intention of nourishing your beauty and keeping yourself naturally beautiful--inside and out.

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