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Six Simple Ways to Recharge Your Energy

by Katie Hess

Take a simple detox bath. 
Add 2 cups of epsom salts and 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide into a hot bath. Soak for 15-20 minutes, then wrap up in a towel under blankets with a cup of hot ginger tea and sweat. This inexpensive ritual draws toxins out of your body and boosts circulation and energy. 

Submerge your body into water in nature. 
The negative ions in rivers, lakes and oceans in nature have the capacity to instantly cleanse your energy and nourish the electrical system of your body. Strip down and immerse your body in the purity of water in Mother Nature to cleanse and reset your energy. 

Dig in the dirt and walk bare-footed. 
Absorb a diverse, intelligent microbiome by spending time in as many different environments as possible. Dig in the dirt and breathe in the air in as many natural places possible — to instruct your microbiome to thrive. Walk bare-footed to expose your body to new, protective microbes (not to mention earth energy - earthing!).

Recharge your batteries with salt. 
Increase the conductivity of the subtle electricity within your cells with minerals to clear stagnancy and increase vitality. A simple way to do that is to use mineral-rich salt in your food or put a pinch in your lemon water (like Celtic Sea Salt). 

Practice ‘Forest Bathing’, aka get out into nature
Leave your phone at home and take a long walk in the forest. Studies from the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, Japan, show that forest bathing dramatically reduces cortisol and adrenaline (stress) and increases white blood cells (boosts immune system). Forest bathe for an entire day and the wellness effects are sustained in your body for an entire week. Spend a weekend forest bathing and that balance is sustained for an entire month! 

Practice ‘Spiritual Bathing’; tap into the healing power of flowers. 
An ancient wisdom practice originating in Central America, tap into the healing power of flowers to cleanse your energy and awaken your inner wisdom. Collect non-toxic fresh flowers from the wild or a garden and soak them in water in the sunlight for an hour or so in a clear glass bowl. Dump that water over your head or pour it into a bath to instantly shift yourself into more joy and clarity. 

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