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Simple Beauty

by Nora Zelevansky

Our experts advise on how to streamline your natural regimen with one-size-fits-all beauty.


Model: Devan / Makeup: Karim Orange, using Gabriel Cosmetics / Hair: Marque

Our skin, hair and makeup needs shift all the time: seasonally, geographically, when we’re heading out to a party. So we assume we need different products for each given moment and place—and that those chosen lotions and potions work only for people like us.

Not so much.

Whether curly or straight, fair or darker-skinned, there are myriad products we can all rely on or swap with our roommates, spouses, best friends and siblings. “Beauty is universal when you look at the colors in nature; that’s why earth tones look good on everyone,” explains Karim Orange, Emmy-nominated eco makeup artist and beauty expert. “With makeup, it’s about tone, so stick with warm colors.”

We asked Orange and other organic beauty experts to offer tips on their favorite universal products: all for one, and one for all!

All About Eyes


Liners, shadows and smudges can often compliment different colored and shaped eyes. Orange used Zuzu Luxe Iguana eyeliner and Casino shadow, along with Gabriel Cosmetics Bisque shadow and black mascara on our model for this story. “It’s about where you place the shadows and liners, and how thickly and/or thinly they are used,” she explains. “Sometimes it’s about the amount you use. Darker skin can take more color.”

Getting the Glow

Bringing out the contours of the face and the skin’s natural glow isn’t only about specific color shading. Ilia’s Polka Dots & Moonbeams Illuminator is meant to add subtle dimension to all skin tones, when applied to the cheek and brow bones, corner of eyes, bridge of nose and lower lip. Their Watermelon Multi-Stick is designed to create a warm blush for any skin tone too, depending on how much is applied. “Between these two products, everything essential and important is accounted for and the only thing to add is a touch of mascara,” says Ilia’s founder, Sasha Plavsic.

Healthy Skin for Everyone

Our bodies may come in varied shapes and sizes, but we can keep our skin looking healthy all over the same way. Herban Shae is gentle enough for all skin types and is extremely high in Vitamins A, E and F, which provide essential elements for balance, elasticity and tone. “Polyphenols have anti-aging benefits and properties similar to green tea, containing five essential fatty acids good for healing skin irritations,” says Herban Body Care owner, Dana Miller. Not only does this smooth skin, but it fights free radical damage and signs of aging.

Natural Care for Curly, Straight or Colored Hair


All hair serums and shampoos don’t work across the board, but “one size fits all” products do exist. “There are a few hair products that work for all hair types,” says Jamal Hammadi, international hair stylist and creator of Hamadi Organics. “It’s all about the application: You want to enhance natural texture.”

Hammadi recommends applying his Shea Leave In Conditioner to damp hair with fingertips for waves. For a straight look, or for curly or straight damage control, apply Healing Serum to the ends with palms to seal and protect. The Hamadi Shea Spray with sea kelp can smooth frizz and enhance curls, but also increase shine and manageability in straight hair. “It protects against the sun’s harmful rays and keeps color conditioned, not brassy,” adds the style guru.

Whether your hair is colored, naturally sun-kissed or highlight-free, the odds are you could use a regular boost. “No matter what kind of hair you have or its condition, I highly recommend an ammonia- and alcohol-free glaze at the salon once a month to add back the oils, proteins and moisture that hair loses with excesses of shampooing, sunlight and chemical services,” suggests Mauricio Cifuentes, Eco-Certified Organic Hairstylist and founder of Mauricio Hair Studio Premium Organic Hair Care.

Photographs by Damon Hall Booth

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