Shower Power

By Rae Novack / March 3, 2013


“If you don’t have clean water, nothing else matters,” says Justin Barker, VP at Pelican Water. The company, a leader in water purification products and systems, recently launched the Premium Shower Filter (left), which removes over 96 percent of chlorine, and other chemical byproducts from your shower. It is also BPA-free and includes a steam-activated essential oil-infused aromatherapy component.

“The skin absorbs chemicals in the water instantaneously and they are going into your blood stream,” says Barker. “Heated water turns chlorine into a gas that we breathe in and it irritates the lungs.” Plus, chlorine dries the skin and hair, and who wants that? The standard size Shower Filter couldn’t be easier to use. “You unscrew your current shower head and screw this one on,” says Barker.

—Rae Novack

Rae Novack
Rae Novack

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