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Set Your Intentions for the New Year

by Tess Donelon

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep! Instead of creating lofty goals that are supposed to change your life overnight, try to focus on smaller, more attainable goals that will also result in positive change. Setting intentions is easier and way less overwhelming than making resolutions, simply because it is a more realistic process and,  if you achieve one, you get to move on to the next!

When setting your intentions, the most important thing to do is to see it with your own eyes, whether in a journal, a post-it note or a full-on vision board. When you set an intention, you put it out into physical space rather than just speaking it out into the void and hoping it hangs on.

Once you have your materials, or your mode of dreaming, if you will, it’s time to consider what your intentions will be. This year has thrown a lot our way, so it’s time to get rid of the old and look forward to the new in 2021. With that being said, try and think of what will bring you the most joy in the coming year. Do you want to pick up an old hobby that you loved? Spend more time talking over Zoom with your friends and family? Commit to giving yourself more “me-time”? Whatever it may be, make your own self-care the top priority.

We all deserve it.

From there, write down a couple of quotes that inspire you and make you feel like you’re one step closer to your goal. Personally, finding quotes that can be my mantra for the year are my go-tos! Instead of saying to yourself: “I would like to do this”…or, “This would be a great thing to achieve,” say “I am going to do this”…or “I can’t wait until I achieve this.”

Speaking with a positive mindset, as though you’ve already gotten what you’re hoping for, can greatly change the way you live your day-to-day. As soon as you feel like all your intentions have been written down, or pasted in the form of pictures, close the book or hang your board and live your life accordingly. 

Each year can be what you hope it will be as long as you do the work to get there. Speak kindly to yourself and remind the universe that nothing can get in your way…especially after the year we’ve had!

Let’s all create a positive and successful mindset in the coming year!

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