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Sardinian Seawater Soak

by Sandra Ramani

Italy is full of spots where you can soak in natural mineral waters (no surprise, since the practice was popularized by the ancient Romans), but one of the country’s best thalassotherapy experiences is found on the island of Sardinia. There, tucked away in a garden among the 116-acre, beachfront Forte Village Resort, lies the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, developed by a doctor over 25 years ago.

Designed to evoke a grotto, the central indoor/outdoor water circuit features six pure Sardinian seawater pools, each with a specific temperature, saline density and mineral makeup to promote different results. While some are made of pure, mineral-rich seawater, or feature lots of sea salt to help relax muscles and fight inflammation, most unique are the green-hued pools infused with sea oil, brine, mint and aloe, which encourage detoxification and boost endorphins. Completing the entire circuit leaves the body revived and energized, with circulation boosted and skin healed.

For deeper results, pair a daily soak with one of the spa’s targeted treatments (a cryotherapy leg wrap or waterbed-set honey-and-salt massage), or make like the spa’s long list of regulars—which include world-class athletes and Russian astronauts—and come for a customized multi-day wellness, fitness or health program. fortevillageresort.com

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