Salt of the Earth and Sea

By Jarrod Denson / January 10, 2013

One or two scoops in a warm bath will work wonders. Photo courtesy of Osmia Organics

There are so many good reasons to take a luxurious soak in the tub. The steamy embrace of warm water, spiked with soothing bath salts, unwinds coiled muscles. Bath salts mixed with essential oils—pack a triple punch: The salt exfoliates the skin, aromatherapy oils soothe the spirit, and a mineral-rich soak relaxes tired muscles after an active day. A gentle immersion in that silent sanctuary not only relaxes the body, it quiets the mind

French Grey

French grey sea salt contains natural clay with minerals that attract water, plump up skin cells, and soften skin. Organic essential oils—lavender, chamomile, rose otto—make this bath a trip to heaven and back. $50;

Lotta Love

Lotus Love’s Pritti bath salts are a luscious blend of jasmine and rose-spiked mineral-rich salts that are detoxifying as well as soothing to sore muscles. $16;

Blue Spruce

Dead Sea salts rejuvenate, detox, and rev up the circulation, in this beautiful blend of Red Flower’s Neroli Cyprus High Atlas Bath Soak with epsom salts, sea salts and magnesium. $52;

Blessing Baths

Jamuspa’s beautiful recycled glass bottles are filled with with certified organic healing salts, inspired by global spa traditions in exotic scents like Jasmine Frangipani and Thai Lemongrass. Ten percent is donated to UNICEF. $25;

Sligo Seaweed

A mix of sea salt and seaweed, Voya Lazy Days certified organic wild-harvested Seaweed Bath is loaded with therapeutic sea minerals. A warm bath releases delicious oils that relieve aches and pains. $32;

Pure Minerals

Sourced from an underground seawater lake, the salts in this Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak are hand-harvested, sundried  and loaded with minerals and trace elements to soothe and detoxify. $40;


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