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Rhythmic Flow Yoga Playlist

by Organic Spa Magazine

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1. Saraswati Ma – John De Kadt, Bentjy Wertheimer
2. Midnight Raga – John De Kadt
3. Manipura – Shiva Rea, Alex Theory
4. Tabla Breath – Benjy Wertheimer, John De Kadt
5. Caminito – Tango Chillout
6. Seduction of Spirit – Yoga Tribe
7. The Eagle (Instrumental) – John De Kadt
8. The Unchanging (Atom Smith Remix) – Donna De Lory
9. Prana – Shaman’s Dream
10. The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras Mix) – Desert Dwellers
11. Crossing the Desert – Desert Dwellers
12. Arboleda de Manzanitas (Sky Juice) – Eighty Mile Beach
13. Jai Hanuman – Shaman’s Dream
14. Subterranean Sanctuary – Desert Dwellers
15. Shivaratri – Benjy Wertheimer, John De Kadt
16. Gayatri – Benjy Wertheimer, John De Kadt
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Victoria Garcia Drago is certified through the Yoga Studio of Barbara Benagh and has produced a bilingual (English-Spanish) Yoga DVD, available on her website www.pura-yoga.com. Drago has a BS in Holistic Nutrition and is currently finishing her MA in Mind-Body studies.

Like Victoria’s energy? Connect with her  @VictoriaGDrago

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