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Legend says you arrive on Kona seeking new beginnings and must use wisely the elements from the Earth—both fire and water—to connect to this enchanted place (wahi).  Along the western slopes of the Kona-Kohala coastline, on the Big Island of Hawaii, spa therapists at the Four Seasons Hualālai Resort offer the ultimate tropical paradise experience.  Highlighting indigenous ingredients, the Spa Apothecary offers food-grade local muds and clays, plus DIY exfoliating agents such as crushed black lava, lemon salt and mashed macadamia nuts. Personalize your own restorative botanicals or close your eyes and trust your senses at the 28,000 square foot spa:  the Calming Orange Vanilla Water Cure melds organic essential oils in a specialty bath floating with chrysanthemums, coconut milk and orange zest to soothe your muscles and re-hydrate jet-lagged skin. Afterwards, slink into a deep wooden Hinoki tub, sip custom-brewed tea in lush relaxation gardens or walk a volcanic rock labyrinth and nap as gigantic sea turtles bake themselves on rocks below.

Don’t miss: At the well-appointed Ka‘ūpūlehu Cultural Center, you can harvest healing medicinal plants, or try basket weaving or Hula dance. A schedule of family-friendly classes is complimentary and led by island elder “Uncle Earl” and his warm-hearted staff.

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey, M.S. is a travel and wellness expert who earned a Master’s Degree in the health sciences while writing and editing for industry giants, such as The New York Times, Fitness Magazine and Her true passion is adventure travel and her spa reporting has taken her all over the world.
Nicole Dorsey Straff

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