Relax – “Grounding” with Flats

By Organic Spa Magazine / September 11, 2012


In the back-to-school spirit, autumn is a great time to make a fresh start. As the leaves change color, temperatures drop, and the sweetness of summer takes on the crisp bite of fall, remind yourself to go out in nature, walk in the woods, and get grounded. There is a lot of buzz about “grounding” these days. Literally, it means connecting to the “feel-good” electrical charges that flow from the earth. Traditionally, we connect by walking barefoot on grass. Shoe companies are now offering a little something extra to help. Pluggz new flats ( feature built-in conductive plugs that help channel the earth’s energy. Tom’s Shoes (; pictured here) takes a less literal approach. The company donates a pair to someone in need for every pair purchased. So kick off your shoes, sit down by a creek, and get yourself grounded—literally and spiritually—this fall.