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Ravioli Di Ricotta

by Organic Spa Magazine

Photo Credit: Christopher Fragapane

Pasta Dough


3 1⁄4 cups flour

4 whole eggs


Everything starts from fresh eggs and very good flour. Put the flour on your table and create a circle in the center as creating a “vulcano”. Crack the eggs and add into the center. Slowly start to mix all the flour with the eggs until you will not get a soft and compact ball. Work the dough not more than five minutes and let rest for at least a half hour.



Ricotta cheese

Salt and pepper


Starting with a delicious ricotta cheese is the secret, just add a little touch of salt and black pepper. Mix all together and keep it in the fridge until you will use for filling your pasta dough. Roll out the pasta dough. Take a teaspoon of filling and scoop a dollop onto a thin sheet. Use an egg wash to lightly brush a circle around the ricotta. Take a separate pasta dough sheet and gently place it on top, sealing the ricotta. Use your fingertips to form the pasta around the ricotta. Lastly, use a ravioli cutter to make your squared ravioli.

Cherry Tomato Sauce


4 cups heirloom cherry tomatoes

1 tablespoon

1 ounce basil

1⁄4 ounce garlic

Salt and pepper

2 ounces Grana Padano


Boil the pasta in hot salty water. At the same time in a pan add EVOO and chopped garlic, saute to a nice gold color and add the cherry tomatoes. Add some chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper.

Cook for 10 minutes and add the ravioli, keep everything together for around five minutes and serve on a large plate.  (Serves 4) 

Before serving, add grated Grana Padano and some fresh olive oil. I like to top it with fresh basil, too. Buon Appetito!

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