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Protect Yourself

by Rona Berg

In a video that went viral, Dr. David Price, pulmonary specialist at Weill Cornell Medical Center, offered simple tips to help us all stay safe, from the epicenter of the epicenter, in New York City. 

Here is a quick recap, just in case.  

  1. Become a Hand Nazi. Know where your hands are at all times. Keep them clean. Walk around with Purell (or hand sanitizer, at least 60 percent alcohol). Purell your hands and everything you touch: door knobs, elevator buttons, banisters, etc. 
  2. Work on the connection between your hands and your face. Don’t touch your face. Start wearing a mask if you leave the house--to stop you from touching your face. You don’t need a medical mask or N95 mask unless you are a medical professional. This is simply to keep you from touching your face.
  3. Distance yourself. Shrink your social circle. Don’t stand near people at the grocery store or pharmacy. Step back, three to six feet. And, by the way, at the grocery story, wear gloves, clean the handle of your cart (Purell) and stay away from other people. 
  4. Wash your hands. For the length of the song “Happy Birthday”--twice!--with soap, and make sure to create friction. Don’t overlook your fingertips, backs of fingertips, beneath the fingernails, backs of hands and wrists. 
  5. Stay home and stay safe.

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