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Expert Secrets for Radiant Skin

by Feifei Sun

Experts weigh in on how to get glowing radiant skin 
From sunburn to acne, higher UV levels—and extended exposure to them— can wreak havoc on your skin. In fact, the sun is often a lose-lose situation for healthy skin, says Dr. Jeanette Jacknin, a holistic dermatologist based in Scottsdale, AZ. “UVA rays give you brittle and wrinkly skin, while UVB rays make skin prone to cancer,” she says. “Both the short- and long-term effects of prolonged sun exposure are dangerous, whether it’s an acute sunburn or skin cancer.”
Dr. Jacknin recommends first restoring the skin’s natural pH balance with a cleansing oil. In general, oils tend to have a bad reputation for causing skin to become oilier or acne-prone, but that reputation is undeserved. “Whether you have oily or dry skin, an oil cleanser will help balance and equalize skin,” she says.
But be careful not to overwash your skin, warns Dr. Michael Shapiro, a New York City-based dermatologist and medical director of Vanguard Dermatology. “Washing skin too much can strip it of oils, which help keep this organ from drying out,” he says. “Dry skin causes inflammation, which can result in the worsening of problems such as eczema, acne and rosacea.”
If a gentle cleanser isn’t enough, try a mild exfoliating scrub or mask, says dermatologist Jessica Weiser of the New York Dermatology Group. These help slough away dead cells and increase circulation and blood flow in the skin. But, “You don’t want something that’s too aggressive because it can damage or inflame the underlying skin,” she says. “Instead, mix it up with a purifying or hydrating mask, or use a disposable pad to get rid of the clogging effect that heat and sweat can cause.”
To keep skin healthy, Dr. Weiser suggests taking the same vitamins you’ve grown up taking orally, but applying them to the skin. “Antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E are really good at soaking up free radicals,” she says. “They can help even out signs of sun damage and bring back some of that texture that the summer takes away.”

Glow Getters Masks, serums, makeup and mists to help you get your glow on

radiant skin_balanced guruBalanced Guru Nourish Me Facial Serum
This delicious USDA certified organic serum, with evening primrose, jojoba, argan and rose hip oils—and shiitake mushroom, goji berry and acai extracts—gives skin a soft radiance. balancedguru.com

radiant skin_osmiaOsmia Luz Facial Brightening Serum From
organic argan and camellia oils to papaya, pumpkin and mushroom extracts, there’s no shortage of skin-healthy ingredients bottled together in this serum. osmiaorganics.com

radiant skin_little barnLittle Barn Apothecary Cocoa + Cardamom Detox Face Mask
Add a few drops of water or honey to this fragrant mixture to create an exfoliating mask that cleans pores and leaves skin super soft. littlebarnapothecary.com

radiant skin_W3LL PeopleW3LL People Bio Brightener Duo
With the Bio Brightener stick to warm up dull skin and bring on a glow, and Bio Brightener Powder to add subtle radiance, this two-in-one set is a must-have! w3llpeople.com

radiant skin_Physicians FormulaPhysicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream
Made with 100 percent natural ingredients—70 percent organic—this color and correction cream doubles as a moisturizer and foundation or spot concealer. physiciansformula.com

radiant skin_whamisaWhamisa Organic Fermented Hydrogel Masks
With a texture like jelly, these masks combine rosemary extracts and organic herbs to drench skin with nutrients and restore its suppleness. glowrecipe.com

radiant skin_RMSRMS Living Luminizer
Dab this highlighter—a cult favorite—on the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and under the brow bone for a subtle glow that lasts the day. rmsbeauty.com

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