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Clean Beauty Advice: After The Holiday Party Beauty Hacks

by Karim Orange

Welcome to Clean Beauty Advice, my new bi-weekly column, exclusively for Organic Spa Magazine! I’m so happy you’re here. In each column, I’ll talk about (and help you navigate) the clean beauty world. We’ll explore tips, tricks and products from around the globe. From interviews to product and spa reviews, I’m here to help you stay informed and educated about the best in clean beauty products and services.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday last week. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the official holiday party season. While we all enjoy a great party, we might not enjoy some of the consequences of over-indulging. Let’s face it sometimes to much food and spirits can take a toll on our true natural beauty. Here are a few clean beauty hacks to help you bounce back after the party.

VITAMINS: A good whole food based supplement is a great addition before bed, if you have had a few to many cocktails. You will find that you wake up more refreshed than if you didn’t take anything at all. Try to also drink 2-3 glasses of water before bed, and a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

MegaFood is a great whole food supplement. Made from sustainable fruits and vegetables grown in the United States, it does the body good! No matter how tempting it may be, please do not take any ibuprofen or it’s equivalent after drinking alcohol. This used to be the feel-better-in-the-morning remedy. This combination has been proven to create holes in the liver (not a beautiful thing).

NIGHT TIME HYDRATION: Heavily spiced food and or alcohol can cause dehydration the next day. Let’s face it, a puffy dehydrated face ain’t pretty. A humidifier can you do wonders for the skin, especially this time of year. In addition to its sleeping beauty effects, it’s also great for sinus health. A humidifier helps in the prevention of sinus infections, colds and flus (something that is also common this time of year). When picking a good humidifier make sure you pick one that is room size appropriate. You also want one that is quite.

We like the TaoTronics TT- AH009 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. The 360-degree nozzles direct air in different directions. It has a working time of up to 24 hours and it’s super low maintenance. Another great night time hydration beauty hack is an avocado mask. Super simple to make. Just mash up some avocado put it on your face for 15 min, rise and you are done. If you want a bit of a hydration ‘boost’ add a drop or two of coconut oil. The plant based fats in both of these super foods are great for hydration. What ever you don’t use that night, save it for the morning, and do it again.

NEXT DAY HYDRATION: If you wake with puffy eyes, you can try cucumbers or cold tea bags, placed on the eyes. Tea infused ice cubes is a winner for a slightly puffy face (make this in advanced). Use tea bags of your favorite organic tea blend and simply place them in an ice cube tray. Rub the ice all over your face. If you have fair skin, this may not be your go-to as it might make your skin a bit pink.

Some great teas for this are Pukka Relax Tea, and Yogi Skin Detox Tea. Don’t forget to use your avocado mask again, if your skin is still feeling a bit dry. Apply your regular moisturizer after the mask. Since, you already have the avocado spread on your face, be inspired to make a avocado toast for a super hydrating breakfast. Need more hydration? Add a tablespoon of your favorite MCT oil to this. Don’t forget to drink a few glasses of water. Now your after-party-next-day morning hydration is taken care off.

MAKEUP TIPS: Let’s get the blood, flowing to your face before we apply makeup. A great beauty hack for glowing skin is yoga. Even if you don’t have a regular yoga practice, this one pose is perfect for you and your skin (omit if you are feeling nauseous or your stomach is upset). The name of the pose is Uttanasana which simply means forward bend. This pose increases oxygen supply and encourages skin rejuvenation. Now onto the makeup! If you are looking and feeling a bit sluggish after a party or event, my advice to you is to not go overboard with makeup. Use your favorite light concealer where needed. If you have dark or puffy circles under your eyes, stay away from a super dark brow or heavy eye- liners. Go with a bright or bold color on the lips! This will immediately brighten your face.

I wish you the best in holiday cheer! I hope these clean beauty hacks help with looking or feeling your best the day after. Have your own clean beauty hacks? I would love for you to share. Find me on Instagram or Twitter.

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