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PHYTOMER XMF: A New Frontier in Anti-Aging Marine Cosmetics

by Kristin Vukovic

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Off the coast of Brittany in the Iroise Sea, the PHYTOMER scientific team identified a plankton microorganism capable of naturally producing a sugar with exceptional anti-aging properties: XMF.

To collect this unique marine sugar, researchers developed a high-tech laboratory cultivation program, which yielded an unprecedented and 100 percent natural technological ingredient. Featuring two ExoPolySaccharides, which are naturally produced by single cell algae, XMF stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid to restructure, tone and plump the skin.

PHYTOMER, a leader in marine cosmetics, was founded by Jean Gedouin, a young, visionary entrepreneur who became fascinated by scientific research that demonstrated the benefits of seawater to the skin. This new form of skin care, developed in the 1970s, harnessed the incredible diversity of the marine world to produce effective beauty treatments and solutions.

The company recently unveiled Pionnière XMF—an anti-aging treatment with an advanced ingredient that creates an invisible film on the skin surface to instantly smooth and visibly correct the signs of aging. When XMF is applied to the surface of the skin, lines seem to disappear.

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I had the opportunity to experience PHYTOMER’s Youth Revealing Treatment. The treatment begins with a Reflexothermal Back Massage: a Self Heating Marine Mud is poured on micron foil, covered with gauze, and aligned with the spine. I felt a bubbling sensation, the result of thousands of micro-bubbles that promote the elimination of toxins and water retention. The moment the mud comes into contact with the skin, it soothes tension points, and helps to optimize the effects of the treatment.

After a deep cleansing ritual, my therapist performed a “Pro-Youth Massage,” which included a face and décolleté massage using tools designed by a renowned French Osteopath. The Massage Roller smoothes features and diminishes lines by stretching and toning the tissue, and the Face Shaper mobilizes muscles and works on specific wrinkles. A mask and moisturizer completed the treatment, and I floated out of the Waldorf Astoria beaming and radiant.

To experience this new treatment, find your nearest PHYTOMER center.

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