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By Nicole Dorsey Straff / September 12, 2011

Sugary sand beaches. Whispering breezes. Visit the largest privately owned island in the Caribbean and learn to sail, scuba, and sport fish among gargantuan stingrays and ambivalent sharks. Spa director Donna Lynn Shaeffer oversees the new Spa at Peter Island Resort, a 10,000-square-foot facility in the midst of paradise. She says she was searching for the most ground-breaking spa menu imaginable. “I wanted to create more natural treatments but also offer healing therapies and anti-aging remedies that are organic and innovative.” She tapped Dr. Raja Mannar, a naturopath and expert in yoga therapy and Indian Panchakarma (detoxing) healing techniques. Together, they’ve launched a revolutionary wellness retreat in the balmy British Virgin Isles that specializes in alternative, Ayurvedic therapies. Three spa standouts:

  • Hot Poultice Massage ($180; 75 minutes) offers warmly wrapped chamomile, lavender, and marigold flowers with heated essential oils to rub away kinks and muscular strains.
  • Fresh Coconut Rub ($115; 45 minutes) uses freshly shredded coconuts, turmeric, and healing spices to gently cleanse, polish, and replenish moisture-starved skin. Rich in enzymes and natural oils, it’s perfect for sensitive, sunburned epidermis.
  • West Indian Honey & Sesame Seed Glow ($155; 75 minutes) exfoliates with an all-natural sesame seed scrub and uses golden West Indian honey to encourage cell growth. Log on to for more.
Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey, M.S. is a travel and wellness expert who earned a Master’s Degree in the health sciences while writing and editing for industry giants, such as The New York Times, Fitness Magazine and Her true passion is adventure travel and her spa reporting has taken her all over the world.
Nicole Dorsey Straff

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