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Pamper Yourself With An Aromatherapy Bath

by Organic Spa Magazine

Drawing a hot bath and settling in for a long soak is one of life’s little pleasures--especially during the cold months of winter. Adding a few essential oils complement the heat of the water and can make for an even more relaxing experience.

"Using aromatics while bathing has been a powerful delivery of plant medicine ever since humans started bathing," says Amy Galper, founder and executive director of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. "The Egyptians, Chinese, East Indians, Greeks and Romans all understood the incredible power heated water has when any material is added."

When relaxation is the goal, taking a bath is far superior to a shower. "It's more relaxing to the muscles and nervous system as the body can experience weightlessness and the entire body can be submerged," says Galper.

Galper explains that the warm waters help to release and vaporize the therapeutic molecules in the oils, which allowing for easier absorption into the body by opening the pores.

In the winter, Galper suggests essential oils of lavender, hemlock, spruce, chamomile and geranium for relaxation, among others. For the most effective bath, Galper recommends mixing the essential oils with a carrier (such as nut oils or sea salt) that will solubilize the oils and reduce irritation, before mixing them into the water.


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