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Great Outdoor Gear for Your Wilderness Getaway

by Organic Spa Magazine

Now’s the perfect time to gear up and get yourself outdoors. Whether you are an experienced trekker or a novice hiker, here is some great outdoor gear to help you get there.
Osprey Ariel 65 Backpack

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Photo credit: Osprey Packs

Lightweight and comfortable, this pack is contoured to fit a woman perfectly, and it’s roomy enough to keep you out on the trail for a week or more. (Our reporter trekked around South America with it for seven weeks!) Get it with a raincover (highly recommended). It features enough straps and pockets to tuck everything—including a sleeping bag—safely away!
Osprey supports many eco-initiatives and partners with nonprofits like the Access Fund, American Hiking Society, Alaska Wilderness League and more. ospreypacks.com
Mountain Hardwear Heratio 15 Sleeping Bag
Ratio 32 - Reg  - U - Sherwood
This mummy-cut, water-resistant, down-filled sleeping bag squishes down to next to nothing and is so lightweight (2 pounds, 7 ounces) that you won’t believe how plush it feels when you roll it out and climb in. It features a face gasket and hood to block drafts, and keeps you cozy even when the weather is damp.
And Mountain Hardwear walks the talk: They use the Higg Index, a sustainability assessment tool managed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition; retail flagships are LEED certified; and the company’s Social Responsibility program is vast. mountainhardwear.com
Solite GoBe 500 Spot Light
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You will never need to buy another flashlight again, once you invest in a GoBe.
It does just about everything, except run you a bath! Seriously, though, this flashlight is so amazing, I can’t believe I ever lived without it. It’s waterproof and works as a dive light, bike light or hand-held. The LED beam can be adjusted to different levels with interchangeable heads, it weighs only six ounces and charges with your USB. lightandmotion.com
Icebreaker Sphere Long Sleeve Hood
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Icebreaker is like that good friend who is reliable, interesting and versatile, ready to turn on a dime when you need her to! This long-sleeve, lightweight hooded top–made from merino wool and Tencel–breathes and keeps you cool when the sun is up and warm and cozy long after it sets. The hood comes in handy to hold in body heat (or keep the sun off your neck). And it’s pretty enough to wear off the trail, too. icebreaker.com
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This clever little one-piece belt fits snugly around the hips. It folds over to offer hidden storage space to keep cell phones, keys, ID cards and money safe while you travel. Originally intended to use during a workout, we love to take it on the road and use it to keep valuables safe and hidden while exploring off the beaten track. flipbelt.com

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