Organic, Medicinal Teas Enhance Autumn Wellness

by Nicole Dorsey Straff

_MG_3017Cooler months call for healing teas that warm your innards, promote digestion and sleep, and also rehydrate your skin.

Instead of the more standard green or jasmine tea, make mine a richer, more functional tea. The tea crafters at Choice Organic Teas remind tea lovers that we don’t have to sacrifice flavor for functionality. Working with Fair Trade Certified™ teas, Choice Organics recently announced its partnership with Bastyr University, the largest accredited natural health university in the United States of America. Together, they carefully formulated the new line specifically to resonate with Choice Organic Teas’ loyal customers who love the great tasting and perfectly balanced teas, yet want a tea geared toward relaxation, mental alertness and digestive disorders.

Tea is rich in polyphenols, tannin and flavonols (often termed catechins), fluoride, and vitamin C, P, K, and B. Although tea contains caffeine, the amounts are far less than those in coffee and produce a softer, beneficial effect. Studies suggest that as few as four servings of tea a day may have a positive impact on your health.

These blends are classified as Herbal Dietary Supplements (HDS), indicating that the product has met FDA standards for quality and testing. It also creates opportunities to merchandise the teas in the supplement section in addition to the tea aisle in retail stores. As with Choice Organic Teas’ other products, all of the Wellness Teas are certified organic.

Somewhat self-explanatory, but I drink these nutritious concoctions for:

Mental Focus

Breathing Space

Rest Assured

Throat Cozy

Simply Detox

The Wellness collection uses over 30 different active, certified organic botanical herbs that are recognized for their health supporting qualities.

In many recent studies of green and black teas, research shows that drinking every day helps to prevent narrowed or clogged arteries that lead to ischemic heart disease, heart attack or stroke. It helps lower your “bad” cholesterol” and may help prevent certain cancers as well as periodontal disease.

In another recent batch of studies, Recent studies show that polyphenols found in green tea may appear in greater concentrations in white tea, helping to destroy bacteria and other organisms that cause disease.

There are many good reasons to drink your healthy tea. What is your favorite brew this late-summer into Fall?



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