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Organic Cotton Scarves Inspired by Nature

by Elke Erschfeld

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Check out these beautiful organic cotton scarves at Etsy, which has always been a great resource for hand-made products. As of this year, Etsy also functions as a wholesaler, which means that many products of their sellers can be found in brick-and-mortar stores. According to an article in the New York Times, more than 90 percent of retail commerce still happens in physical stores. It’s something I’m quite happy about since it keeps local stores in business and there’s no substitute for human interactions.

While attending NY NOW last month, I had a chance to check out the Etsy Wholesale Pavilion. It showcased a curated selection of local and unique designers. The nice mix of home and lifestyle goods included charging stations made with driftwood, one-of-a-kind porcelain sculptures and eco-friendly paper goods. It was great to see so many amazing hand-made products in one space that otherwise are only sold online. Some of my favorite designs were the organic printed textiles by Foxy & Winston based in Brooklyn. The beautiful napkins, kitchen towels, aprons and scarves are inspired by the designer’s love for nature and animals.

All fabrics are 100 percent GOTS-Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). They are woven and printed in India through a partnership with a U.S.-based certified Fair Trade textile sourcing company.

Choosing organic products keeps chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides out of the environment. They are healthier and safer for the farmers and surrounding communities. Please go for organic cotton whenever you can, which should be easy with so many fun illustrations by Foxy & Winston. The designs include bold patterns of beets, lady bugs, hedgehogs and artichokes that are screen printed with non-toxic inks on 100 percent cotton canvas napkins, aprons or kitchen towels. For fall, you might want to check out the playful scarves made with 100 percent organic cotton voile that feel very light and soft. If you should ever be in Red Hook, Brooklyn, make sure to check out Foxy & Winston’s store that carries other local designs as well. Hopefully that will be my next visit as well.

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