Orgain: Organic Shake

organic shakeDr. Andrew Abraham feasted on a steady diet of soda, pizza, and fast food before he was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager. “It was a humbling experience that opened my eyes to the importance of wellness and the critical role of sound nutrition,” he recalls. This enlightenment led Abraham, a practicing family physician in Irvine, California, who focuses on wellness and preventive medicine, to create Orgain, the first meal replacement, organic shake on the market, designed for optimal health. It shuns the caffeine, preservatives, gluten, corn syrup, saturated fat, hormones, and antibiotics found in a number of other products.

Available in sweet vanilla bean and creamy chocolate fudge varieties, it’s made with organic vanilla and cocoa, respectively, and contains 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, brimming with protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. “When you’re trying to boost nutrition—particularly if appetite is low because of illness—taste really matters.”