November Style: Green Picks for Men

By Myron Mariano / November 15, 2017

This month's noteworthy green picks

Three Steps to Flawless

Harnessing the power of professional-grade, 100 percent plant-based formulas, this three-piece minimalist skincare set combats grease and dirt, while providing you with lightweight hydration throughout the day. Artic Detox Cleansing Mask, Soothing Facial Mousse, All Day Defense Cream; $30, $35, $55

Beards on Point

Just because you're dispensing with the razor this month doesn't mean your grooming routine should go by the wayside as well. Apply a few dollops of this 3-in-1 craft beer-infused cream to condition and detangle your beard. Come December, if you decide to dispense with your month-long hard work, this doubles as a shaving cream as well. Hydrating Condi-Shave Cream; $6

Spray Away

This travel-friendly mattifying mist contains an amino acid complex and natural humectant powder to reduce shine or provide a quick pick-me-up when your facial skin is feeling tight. Oil Control Mattifying Mist; $29

Head case

This insulated headband is made from 87 percent recycled materials and lined with soft Polartec micro-fleece to wick moisture and keep you warm. It's lovingly made in Vermont, where the company is based. Aerial Nordic Headband; $16

Stand with Men's Health

Continuing with its tradition of whimsical prints on men's undergarments, Vancouver, Canada-based SAXX is releasing their Vibe boxer briefs with mustache prints in time for Movember. Two dollars from each limited-edition pair sold will be donated to the Movember Foundation to help continue funding critical issues affecting men. Vibe; $31.95

Stay Warm

Comfortable and long-lasting, this classic crewneck sweater is a must-have for the coming months. It's made of 95 percent pre-consumer cashmere waste that's been mechanically broken down and spun into new yarn. Sweater; $199

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