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Nourishing Neck Creams

by Organic Spa Magazine

Remember the neck

It can be easy to neglect specific areas of the body. We focus on our hands, the strength of our hair and the youthful glow of our face. But it’s easy to forget that the skin doesn’t stop at the jaw. A great neck cream can keep the neck as soft and smooth as the rest of the body. Try and apply a nourishing layer of cream to the length of your neck.

Quick Tip: Apply cream to the neck in upward strokes and don’t pull it downward.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Lifting Neck Cream
Formulated with organic ingredients, this product tightens and smoothes the delicate curve of the neck for a more youthful look. Blended together, fruit stem cells, Vitamin C and arnica provide a powerful botanical rich formula perfect for a beauty routine. juicebeauty.com

Skin Owl Neck +
In this highly concentrated neck cream, Skin Owl combines the restorative power of healing herbs, plant and flower compounds, to create an overnight system of healing. Designed to enrich, rejuvenate and tone, the delicate skin on the neck will appear radiant and quenched. credobeauty.com

Skincare Calming Moisture for Face, Neck & Scalp
Not only is this a three-in-one cream, it’s a skin therapy must have for reparation and irritant soothing. Anyone with sensitive skin, prone to dry air or harsh temperatures, will love this antioxidant rich solution that will hydrate and calm redness. cvskinlabs.com

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