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Nourishing Body Balms

by Feifei Sun

Hydrating the skin is important year-round, but essential during the winter months, when even the most resilient skin may be vulnerable to the dryness and chapping that comes with cold weather. The act of lathering on a replenishing body cream does not only provide relief to dehydrated skin, but can also serve as a source of great pleasure and relaxation for the soul and mind. Organic skincare lines are enhancing that sensation of relief and relaxation. Free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals, these body balms are instead packed with natural, nourishing ingredients like organic shea butter, citrus blossom oil, and lavender. These new products don’t just smell and feel good on the body—they’re truly healthy as well. Here, a roundup of 14 of our favorite body butters, creams, and salves to take you through this winter season.

ilike Organic Skin Care Linden & Marigold Rejuvenating Treatmenth

For intense protection against winter’s elements, try ilike’s Linden & Marigold rejuvenating Treatment, a thick body cream that’s well-suited for dehydrated, fatigued, and wind-cracked skin. The marigold regenerates, while the linden blossom soothes skin. All of ilike’s products are made from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits, and vegetables—a quality easily smelled and felt in this treatment www.szepelet.com

WoodSprite Whipped Organic Coconut Body Butter

Made with organic virgin coconut oil, mango butter, and sunflower oil, this new cream by WoodSprite has a delicious coconut scent that will take you out of winter and bring you right back to summer. The light, whipped feel of this butter is suitable for those who crave moisture but prefer a lighter coverage. www.woodspriteorganicbody.com

Aromafloria Mangosteen and Teakwood Body Butters

The Mangosteen and Teakwood Body Butters are the newest additions to the Sensory Fusion by Aromafloria line. These butters have a rich texture and are ideal for very dry skin. Made with a vegan base, they also contain organic aloe-vera and coconut oil to smooth and hydrate skin. The Mangosteen gives off a sweet, fruity scent, while the Teakwood smells of winter pine. www.aromafloria.com

Malie Organics Body Cream

Using indigenous Hawaiian flora, Malie Organics has created a lush body cream filled with a mix of exotic botanicals and oils, including coconut, Kukui and macadamia nut oils, as well as Awapuhi ginger and chamomile. The cream has a silky finish, and comes in aromatic scents like Plumeria, Pikake, Coconut Vanilla, and Koke’e. www.malie.com

New Leaf Organics Shea Butter Creams

The first organic product line certified under OASIS (Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards), New Leaf Organics promises that every ingredient that can be organic is organic. The shea butter creams have a thick consistency, and contain ingredients like organic avocado, bergamot, and lavender oils. Even the packaging uses recyclable PET packaging with 25 percent recycled content, while labels are printed with vegetable inks on bamboo paper.

BeeCeuticals Organics Bee-Yond Body Balm

Early doctors used honey as a natural solution for various skincare issues, and today, BeeCeuticals Organics is channeling that wisdom in their line of organic skincare products. Its Bee-yond Body Balm packs fair trade, organic sweet almond oil, sage extract, and a unique organic holistic honey blend to deliver a rich repair balm that will soothe skin’s roughest patches.

Suki Pure Butter Cream Healing Salve

Holistic and gentle, Suki Pure’s Butter Cream Healing Salve combines organic lavendar extract and organic cocoa butter in a solid salve that saves damaged skin. This cream is a reliable moisturizer with a natural, no-fuss smell. Furthermore, its concentrated formula has the power to relieve various skin irritations, including wounds and cracks, and is even ideal for those suffering from eczema or dermatitis. That’s because the company integrates organic bases with proven scientific actives in all their formulas. www.sukiskincare.com

Inara’s Babussu Body Crème

The special ingredient in Inara’s body crème is Babussu oil, which reacts with body temperature when applied to skin, melting to increase absorption and simultaneously cooling to leave skin with a velvety sheen. The olive-oil base in this product penetrates deeply into skin, leaving it nourished and fulfilled.

Raw Botanicals Mango Dream Cream

Handmade in Costa Rica, the Raw Botanicals skincare line was born from Spa Uno, one of the country’s premier day spas. The Mango Dream Cream, a part of the Spa line, is enriched with organic cocoa butter and vitamin C ester, and leaves skin fully hydrated. This light-coverage cream has a subtle fruit smell, and like its name suggests, feels like a dream on the skin. www.rawbotanicals.com

Pure Fiji Body Butter

In every Pure Fiji product, you’ll find a blend of ingredients that South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used for centuries. These include pure coconut oil, as well as nut and flower extracts that replenish and nourish skin. This body butter is no exception. Designed to help revive dry skin quickly, these luxurious creams come in a variety of scents like White Gingerlily, Pineapple, and Starfruit to help you feel and smell revitalized. www.purefiji.com

Om Aroma & Co. Crème Eclat

This delicate whipped body cream is created with an invigorating combination of organic products to nourish the skin, including chardonnay grapeseed oil, citrus blossom essential oil, and organic shea butter. Packed with antioxidants to help restore winter skin to its natural radiance, the cream leaves a subtle citrus scent that’s sure to awaken and refresh the senses. www.omaroma.com

Starflower Essentials CoCo Vanilla Body Butter

The Coco Vanilla Body Butter by Starflower Essentials is a concentrated, handmade formula perfect for skin in need of heavy, intensive hydration. Filled with premium organic virgin coconut and macadamia oils, the butter is infused with real vanilla bean. This very emollient cream leaves skin with a soft sheen and rich vanilla scent. www.starflower.com

International Orange Enrich Body Lotion

The founders of San Francisco yoga spa International Orange and Julie Elliot joined to create an organic body line described as “yoga for the skin.” Infused with avocado oil, shea butter, and aloe, International Orange’s Enrich Body lotion will not only heal dry skin, but leave it smelling like a bouquet of fresh flowers. The silky, emollient lotion also contains Bergamot Peel, which has regenerative properties that further help renew winter skin. www.internationalorange.com

Éminence Watermelon Papaya Body Butter

There are plenty of benefits in fruits, and some of the best are in the new body butter by Éminence. Offering coverage that’s sweet and supple, this soufflé-like cream contains watermelon and papaya, both high in antioxidants, fruit enzymes and vitamins, which remove dead skin cells naturally and quickly. Another added bonus: cucumber, which revitalizes, tones and shrinks skin pores and serves as a purifying agent. www.eminenceorganics.com

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