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Nordstrom’s New Well Beauty

by Organic Spa Magazine

Images from Nordstrom.com

Here at Organic Spa magazine, we’ve been covering indie, organic, natural and sustainable beauty brands as they grow and go mainstream for a long while, now. But when a major retailer like Nordstrom jumps onboard, you know that the movement has arrived.

On January 11, Nordstrom launched “Well Beauty,” a consortium of 22 wellness beauty brands in 38 stores around the country. (Well Beauty is also available online.) It features supplements, aromatherapy, sleep-enhancers, beauty elixirs, self-care and more, from an interesting array of small brands, many of which we love and have covered.

Pete Nordstrom, co-president of Nordstrom was quoted as saying, “The more that we can elevate and differentiate our product offer, particularly the more kind of prestige type brand, that’s been good for us. There has been a good trend around wellness and natural wellness.”

Well, I like to say it’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Consumer interest in wellness and wellness-beauty shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, Zion Market Research reports that, worldwide, dietary supplements are projected to reach $220.3 billion by 2022. And natural and organic skin care will comprise 30.9 percent of the overall segment by 2024. Global interest in organic personal care is growing, and the market is expected to reach $15.98 billion by 2020, according to a new report by Grand View Research.

The brands that will be available at Nordstrom include Hum Nutrition, Moon Juice, Slip, Agent Nateur, The Beauty Chef, Aromatherapy Associates, Esym, Vitruvi, Karma Bliss, Shiffa, Chalait, Glotrition, Pursoma, Ranavat Botanics, Soap Cherie, VitaJuwel, Yuni, Kopari and 8Greens.

An eclectic group, to be sure, with some of our favorites!!






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