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News from the Blue Lagoon

by Sandra Ramani

Since bathers began touting the benefits of soaking in the natural geothermal pools on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula back in 1976, scientists have been studying the water to decipher just what makes its mix of silica, microalgae and minerals so effective in healing skin. Their research led

to the establishment of the Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic (which specializes in treating psoriasis) in 1994 and, later,
the creation of public baths and both clinical and consumer product lines infused with the waters. But the research didn’t stop there—and it’s some of the most recent findings that have led to the introduction of the next-level BL+ skincare line earlier this year.

The Ecocert-certified collection—which launched with The Serum and will grow to include other products—has at its core the BL+ Complex, a blend of microalgae and silica encapsulated into a biomimicry-based delivery system to help it penetrate deep into the skin. Once it gets there, the complex—along with other ingredients like vitamin C, Blue Lagoon seawater and three forms of hyaluronic acid—works to prevent UV-induced collagen breakdown, generate the production of strong collagen, seal in moisture and improve the skin’s health and barrier function. The microalgae and silica are harvested using sustainable and renewable methods and cultivated with a pioneering method that harnesses recycled geothermal carbon dioxide. skincare.bluelagoon.com

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