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New Wellness In Napa

by Sandra Ramani

New in Napa

While most modern-day visitors head to California’s Napa Valley for a particular type of relaxation (wine, food and maybe a hike or bike ride in-between), the region’s relaxing reputation actually goes back hundreds of years, when the native Wappo tribes discovered the curative properties of the natural thermal waters near what is now the town of Calistoga. Those traditions continue today at mud baths and mineral springs around town, and at the easy-chic Solage Calistoga, the only hotel with private on-site springs to feed its geothermal pools.

The recently revamped Spa Solage features new indoor and outdoor lounges, an herb garden (with rosemary, white sage, mint and more) and an expanded menu of services. Favorites range from seasonal specials featuring ingredients like local honey and goat milk, and the signature Bathhouse Experience, with custom-blended mineral mud and essential oil body masks, mineral soaks and time in a nap-inducing “sound chair.”

Or try new additions like the nighttime Floating Meditation, held under a blanket of stars in the main geothermal pool, naturally heated to 96 or 98 degrees. As participants sit in floating mesh chairs, which keep them partially submerged in the healing waters, an instructor helps them to focus on their breathing, release the muscles and embark on a guided visualization. The 45-minute sessions aim to encourage mental clarity, self-awareness and a whole new level of relaxation, Calistoga-style. solagecalistoga.com —Sandra Ramani

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