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New Organic Wellness Skincare

by Organic Spa Magazine

Kerstin Florian with daughter, Charlene Florian

Before Charlene Florian, chief creative officer of Kerstin Florian International, passed away in 2016, at a tragically young age, and the industry lost a shining star, she was developing Anda, a new organic wellness skincare collection.

Fortunately, Charlene’s mother, Kerstin Florian, founder of the eponymous brand, and her dear friend Julie Andrews, now president, were committed to continuing what Charlene had started. Anda just launched with three products: Vitalessence Serum-Oil, a light, nourishing oil; Super Nutrient Balm, a soft, multipurpose balm; and Coherence Elixir, a structured water that enhances skin firmness and elasticity. The line will eventually contain seven products—and feature the special Anda Facial.

“Anda” in Swedish means “breath,” and the Anda Facial includes a three- or nine-minute meditation, which can also be downloaded from the site, to encourage you to take a breather. “It will be a moment during the facial to think about yourself and self-care,” Andrews says.

Ingredients include snow lotus, an alpine plant that renews, detoxes and brightens the skin; sea buckthorn, a hardscrabble anti-inflammatory berry with omega-7 fatty acids; prickly pear, a deeply hydrating cactus that helps make skin soft and supple, and more. 

“All the products are meant to be multifunctional,” says Kerstin, “and help people become more positive about their looks and feelings.” The intention is to encourage women to pause and feel good. “I mix all three products together in the morning, look in the mirror, take a breath and say ‘I’m OK,’ ” says Kerstin. kerstinflorian.com/anda

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