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New Life Hiking Spa is a Vermont Wellness Retreat Focused on Nature and Hiking

by NewLife HikingSpa
New Life Hiking Spa is a Vermont Wellness Retreat Focused on Nature and Hiking.

New Life Hiking Spa is a Vermont Wellness Retreat Focused on Nature and Hiking.  

New Life will open for the 43rd summer in Green Mountains on May 14th and the season will run until October 5th.  Reservations are now being accepted for the 2020 season and a variety of all-inclusive specials are currently offered for pre-booking.

Everyone wants to come back from their vacation feeling satisfied they were able to get rejuvenated and invigorated.  However, more often, folks say they need “a vacation after their vacation”. In fact, most people admit childhood was the last time they really had a time when they felt carefree and relaxed. So what if you could return to your youth by visiting a place where life slowed, you spent time in nature, yet you had your own private room? 

What seems impossible is attainable at New Life Hiking Spa, and at the affordable, all-inclusive prices, guests can revisit this beautiful hiking oasis multiple times a year or come for an extended stay. 

Just envision a wonderland of centuries-old forests, winding trails, gentle nature sounds, and mountaintop views from Killington Peak (one of Vermont’s highest summits), mimicking picturesque postcards. Guests can experience all of this at New Life and not worry about a thing because hikes are led by trained hiking guides…just like the camp counselors did in one’s youth. 

Each morning, guests choose from three trails; beginners will be on a country roads with gentle hills and swells, shaded by maple trees, bridges spanning rivers and creeks and take in cozy farmsteads. For intermediate and advanced hikers, the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail aim to please with inclines leading to Pico or Killington Peak.  There are 21 treks, and the terrain is hiking level appropriate that challenge accordong to the individual guest’s fitness level.

New Life Hiking Spa

A variety of wellness classes are in the afternoon, taught by trained instructors: core conditioning, fit ball, yoga, water aerobics, outdoor games and tai chi.  An optional afternoon meditative walk around a waterfall is also offered.  Every day, guests feel renewed, inside and out, and on track for the type of life, they want to live with healthier habits once they get back home. The entire program is centered on nature, as nature is food for the mind, body, and soul. Exercising outside improves happiness, boosts memory and serves as an antidote to a stressful life.

New Life Hiking Spa is a Vermont Wellness Retreat Focused on Nature and Hiking

Guests eat clean, healthy meals (enough calories to be necessary for the day’s events and made from bright, vibrant natural colors). Three freshly prepared meals are offered each day and included in the nightly rate.

In addition to hiking, healthy food and fitness classes, New Life would not be a “hiking spa” without spa services! Forget what you think about a typical spa and embrace the laid back, accepting nature of New Life’s casual spa that is totally come-as-you are.  One massage is included with every three night stay.

New Life instills a family atmosphere where the guests become life-long friends…just like at summer camp as a kid. Self-awareness, renewed mentality, and longevity extend beyond time spent at New Life in Vermont. Many guests return year after year.

Healthy changes can only occur in a happy, comfortable environment where support and expertise are at its best. Since 1978, when fitness resorts were gaining popularity, New Life was born, and the core of its creation is why it has remained one of the top wellness retreat vacation spot in North America.

More information on the upcoming season and current packages on their website at  newlifehikingspa.com.

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