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New Fitbit Trackers

by Juliana Lytkowski

Keeping Track of Your Health Just Got Easier

If you’re a fan of Fitbit, their two new models are something you will definitely get excited about. Fitbit recently unveiled Flex 2 and Charge 2 as new additions to the fitness tracking family, with plenty of features to help you better track your health and wellness goals.

Flex 2 boasts a new design that is chic enough to wear around the office, but won’t look out of place on your weekend jog. Wear this while you work at your desk, and the band will give you a reminder to get up and move. Tracking multiple types of exercise activity is another feature on the Flex 2, which can recognize lifting weights, biking and swimming laps at the pool – and it’s the first waterproof version!

The new Charge has a larger display, but you can customize the information you want to show and swap out the band. Similar to the previous version, this band offers heart-rate tracking, but uses the data to estimate your cardio-fitness level. If you want to kick up your workout a level, it shares suggestions on how to improve your overall score.

What really gets us going is that Charge 2 takes into account breathing exercises and meditation. Meditation relieves stress and is key to a wellness life, and the Charge has Guided Breathing Sessions varying from two or five minutes long. The tracker will take you through the paces by monitoring your heart rate.

So if you’re looking to upgrade how you track your workouts while working towards health goals, these two gadgets might be just what you need.

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