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Natural Sheet Masks

by Celia Shatzman

When sheet masks were first introduced here, they didn’t have the best reputation. 

They were panned for being cheap and disposable, and it was hard to find brands that were committed to natural ingredients. But all that has changed.

“[Sheet masks] can be extremely potent and intensive because they have the added benefit of helping to press treatment into the skin,” according to Phoebe Song, founder, Snow Fox Skincare. “Plus, they are extremely convenient—put it on, peel it off. And our masks don’t have any synthetic preservatives.”

Natural formulations for sheet masks have come a long way. Snow Fox Skincare uses a proprietary packing technology that vacuum-seals them in a lab with absolutely no cross- contamination. “If you were to see a Snow Fox lab you’d be really shocked, because it looks like a biotech institute,” Song says. “It’s an air-sealed lab, where the guy sealing the masks is in a complete hazmat suit. Our sheet masks are so potent because when you open a pouch it’s as fresh as the day it was made. You get the best of the botanicals in their active form.”

Song argues that they may be even more effective than natural masks in jar form, because when products meet the air, she claims, the air will degrade it. The purpose of a sheet mask is to nourish and soften the skin with ingredients like aloe, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant teas and more. 

 “The physical application of products matters,” Song says. “Sheet masks have the ability to keep the formula in the face without drying out too much,” Song says. Sheet masks--fabric soaked in a wide range of serums--are widespread in Asia, and became popular here along with the Korean beauty trend. Some claim that sheet masks originated with geishas in Japan, who tore fabric strips from old kimonos, soaked them in ingredients popular in beauty treatments and applied those strips to the face. 

Many natural brands are just concerned about the environment as they are with your skin, so you don’t have to worry about sheet masks clogging landfills. For example, all of Snow Fox Skincare’s packaging is sustainable. The masks are made from 100 percent organic grade cotton so they really soak up the ingredients and they’re biodegradable.

Give these natural sheet masks a try.

Snow Fox Skincare Japanese Cherry Blossom & White Tea Smoothing Mask

“Glass skin” is trending in Asia, and this mask delivers that super dewy, smooth, juicy look. It’s all about improving skin texture and bringing a natural radiance to dull skin. 

Yes To Coconut Energizing Coffee Bubbling Paper Mask

Coffee, coconut and oxygen work their way into the pores to purify skin, giving it a deep cleanse with lots of moisture. 

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Fruits & Tomato Mask

Even the most parched skin will look and feel super hydrated after masking with this mega moisturizer. It also refreshes, tones and lifts your complexion. 

Snow Fox Skincare Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask

This multitasker tackles every problem--redness, inflammation, acne, enlarged pores, post-sun fatigue, and more--leaving skin soothed, brightened and moisturized. 

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