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Faux Natural Glow

by Celia Shatzman

Whether you’re making the most of resort season and are prepping for a beach getaway or simply don’t want to glow in the dark on your vacation, a tan is your best friend. By now, you hopefully know that the only safe tan is one that comes from a bottle. But many faux tanners are packed with chemical ingredients, so you’ll want to stick to as natural a formula as you can.

“Natural products in all realms of beauty are always best,” says Laura Oosterloo, cofounder and managing director at Bali Body. “All self-tanners contain a product called DHA, which is what essentially gives the skin color. Using a fake tan with 100 percent natural DHA [often made with sugar beets or cane sugar] means you’re not only minimizing the amount of harsh chemicals on your body, but your fake tanner won’t have that fake tan smell either.” Luckily, there have been so many advancements in natural formulation just over the last couple of years that you don’t have to sacrifice efficacy in the name of natural beauty.

One of the most crucial aspects of nailing a faux glow starts before you even apply it. “Preparation is key,” Oosterloo says. “We recommend exfoliating your entire body the day before, as well as shaving or another form of hair removal. Having a smooth, clean base makes applying the product easier and also extends the length of your tan.” Just before you apply your self-tanning mousse, apply a moisturizing lotion on any dry areas, such as knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles to prevent excess tanner soaking in.

Once your skin is ready to go, use a self-tanning mitt for flawless, even application. “We created one that has a smooth velvety texture to go with our Self Tanning Mousse,” Oosterloo says. “We recommend two pumps per application area, moving in long, sweeping motions. If you happen to come across some uncommon mishaps, some natural bicarb soda and an exfoliating mitt will assist in removing the tan.”

To keep your faux tan looking like you were just at the beach, applying a hydrating lotion daily will extend its life and keep it looking natural. Everyone will think you’ve had too much fun in the sun!

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