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Just Brows-ing

by Organic Spa Magazine

What you need to know about natural eyebrow tinting. 

From powders to pencils to gels, there are plenty of ways to fake the eyebrows of your dreams. But there’s another way to get beautiful brows that doesn’t require any effort in front of a mirror in the morning: natural brow tinting.

“It’s a vegetable dye tint applied directly to the brows,” explains Jill Syslo, a medical aesthetician and cofounder of Sacred Skincare in Manhattan and Sanctuary Salon in Brooklyn, New York. “It creates definition and fullness, so you’re not having to draw on the artificial look, and don’t have to worry about swimming or sweating since it goes onto the hairs themselves.”

So how do you know if natural eyebrow tinting is right for you? It’s especially helpful for redheads and blondes, since they have lighter hair, though brunettes can benefit as well. “Even if you have sparse brows, it will create fullness,” Syslo says.

Aesthetically, there isn’t a difference between natural and traditional brow tinting. “But when you’re doing vegetable tinting, you can pretty much guarantee you’re not going to have any allergy or reaction on the skin,” Syslo says. “And you don’t want to be putting a chemical on your eyes.”

The color typically lasts about four to six weeks, but if you’re a swimmer, or use a harsh cleanser with glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide, it will come off sooner.

If you make an appointment for a natural brow tinting, expect it to start off with a quick consultation with your aesthetician. “We hold up a mirror and look at the natural shape of the brow together,” Syslo says. “If they are sparse in front close to the nose or ends, we go over all that.” Appointments typically last about half an hour, including the consultation and the procedure. After that, no maintenance is needed. The same tint can be used on lashes for a similar effect; natural lash tinting is a popular separate service.

“It’s a relaxing service,” says Syslo. “A lot of people come in on their lunch break. It’s not invasive at all—you’re not red after. It’s a very popular service because it’s like putting on makeup and not having the hassle of applying it.”

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