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Naomi Osaka Champion of Style

by Organic Spa Magazine

Naomi Osaka is a three-time Grand Slam singles tennis champion, currently ranked third in the world. As stylish as she is beautiful, Osaka, an outspoken activist against racial injustice whose father is Haitian and mother Japanese, was just named the new face of Louis Vuitton, and will appear in its spring/summer campaign. Here she shares her top workout recovery tips with us.

#1 Warming up is one of the most overlooked parts of any sport but also the most crucial. Before every training session, tennis matches and tournaments I have a very thorough warm-up routine. I love to use my Hypersphere Mini on my hands and forearms.

#2 My diet is also an important part of my recovery. Post training, I always fuel my body with a well- balanced meal that is effective in priming my body for my next training session. I really enjoy something like sushi or a salad from Sweetgreen.

#3 On my day off when I’m not training or competing, I’m still always doing something for my body. I find that it is super important to keep myself moving even if it is just stretching or using my Hyperice products. For general body maintenance, I love to use my Vyper on my feet, calves and quads.

#4 When playing in tournaments, I usually don’t have a lot of time between matches to rest and recover. This is where recovery plays an important role in ensuring my body is always ready to compete at the highest level. To recover my body most effectively, I love to use my Hypervolt on my quads, around my IT band and calves.

#5 For me, hydration is also key! You will always see me with a BODYARMOR LYTE paired with water throughout the day. My training sessions are always pretty rigorous, so it’s important I replenish with electrolytes.

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