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My Summer Product Slumber Party

by Karim Orange

It is finally that time of year that most of us look forward to…summer! It’s considered one of the most magical times of the year, filled with long hot days and sexy nights. Summer food harvests include a lot of favorites such as blackberries, blueberries, avocados, mangos and melons just to name a few. It’s also that time of year to catch up with old friends at a seaside brunch and even make a new love connection. To sum it up,summer is simply a season of beauty. This season I was fortunate enough to have some great green beauty gals at my virtual summer slumber party. We got together to chat about their favorite products of the season and why they love them. I hope you enjoy.

photoRona BergEditor-in-chief  of Organic Spa Magazine, best-selling author and journalist. Natural and organic beauty and wellness expert.

1- Lotus Wei Joy Juice:  Founder Katie Hess extracts the essences of desert blooms and mixes magical concoctions that enhance your state of mind. I feel my mood lift every time I spritz this around my face and breathe it in.

2- Beauty Counter Rosewater Uplifting Spray: I keep this next to my desk because I love the way it feels and the smell of rosewater transports me to exotic places like Morocco, even though I am still at my desk!

3- Essence of Vali Renew Mist Detox:  You may have heard me say that Essence of Vali founder Valerie Bennis is a sorceress of scent, but it bears repeating. This beautiful blend of grapefruit and lemon peel, cyprus leaves and juniper berries is bracing and invigorating AND helps relieve travel fatiguel.
4- H.Gillerman Organics Stress Remedy: Founder Hope Gillerman is the real deal, and whenever I am blasting away on too many cylinders at once I give myself a time out, put a few droplets on pulse points and take a few good deep breaths. It always helps me slow down and relax.

5-Osea Undaria Argan Oil: Great for hydrating sensitive skin like mine, which gets even more temperamental in the summertime. Ingredients are USDA certified organic, I loveargan oil, and the roller-ball tube is easy to keep in my purse and roll over my face when I need to hydrate.

photoSpirit Demerson–  Founder and President of Spirit Beauty Lounge,  the premier online boutique for luxury organic beauty & lifestyle products.
1- Maya Water Facial Mist Organic Acai: This smells so refreshing and feels like an oxygen blast to the skin!  I love that it hydrates and oxygenates throughout the hottest, most humid day, without messing my makeup!

2- JADEtribe Samui Cosmetic Bag Original Indigo: These handmade makeup bags hold everything you need and look very beachy chic.

3- Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum: This product was a long time in the works and I waited very anxiously for it!  Tata Harper does natural skincare to perfection.  For some of us, loss of tone and sagging is a bigger concern than lines and wrinkles and this serum addresses that.

4- Kjaer Weis Mascara: A truly natural and organic mascara that works!  I’ve worn this on hot, humid NYC days and didn’t end up with it running down my cheeks!

5- Ilia Beauty Lipstick Crayons: ‘Karma Chameleon’ has become my signature summer lip color.

photoEden Di Bianco– A NY Cosmetologist with  passion for natural and cruelty free beauty.

1- AlteyaOrganics Lavender: I carry a small spray bottle of this with me *everywhere*.  The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties of lavender help keep my skin clear and hydrated on hot summer days.
2- Andalou Naturals Oil Control Untinted BB Cream with SPF 30: BB Creams are all the rage right now for their multiple benefits like moisturize and sun protection in one step, but as an oily gal I have found a lot of the natural BBs to be too heavy for summertime use.  Enter Andalou’s Untinted BB Cream!

3- NowSolution Argan Oil: Argan oil is comprised of about 80% vitamin E and as such is a great product to use on the entire body.  I keep plenty on hand all year round to treat rough cuticles, deep condition my hair,  and soothe and nourish my face after a day in the sun.  I can’t live without it!

4- John Masters Shine On: Short and long haired ladies can benefit from a dab of this product before they head out on a summer day to combat dullness due to exposure to the elements as well as dreaded frizz.

5- Alaffia Unscented Liquid African Black Soap:  Summer means heavy travel for a lot of us, myself included, and I love products that are clean, simple, and multifunctional.  This product has 3 simple ingredients: distilled water, palm oil, and shea butter–that’s it!

photoTanya Zuckerbrot–  is a registered dietitian in private practice in Manhattan and the creator of the F-Factor Diet, an acclaimed lifestyle approach to nutrition for lasting weight loss and optimal health.

1- Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: I love this product because it uses avocado oil, which is a moisturizing fruit oil. Avocado is also a natural source of amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, and potassium.

2- Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Lip Cooler: This product uses Greek yogurt to provide a natural source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins in order to moisturize and repair dry, sun-chapped lips.

3- True Natural Self-tanner: This self-tanner works flawlessly! It also uses all organic ingredients such as organic cupuacu butter, organic green tea extract and organic aloe vera so it is totally natural and is not harmful to your skin.

4- Jane Iredale In touch cream blush stick–  One of my favorite products is the in touch  cream blush stick. Its easy to apply and I can carry it around with me all day

5-  Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask– After a day of tanning in the sun there is nothing better than using the intense hydration treatment mask.  Using the intensehydration mask will not only leave your skin looking flawless and well nourished but it will also leave it smelling better than ever.

K for KarimKarim Orange
– Green Beauty lover, founder of Better Organic Choice. Karim was hailed in a recent issue of ELLE Magazine.

1- Vapour Organic Beauty Elixer Plumping Lip Gloss in Metro– I love this mauve colored lip gloss for day. Adds just the right amount of color and shine without being sticky.

2- ZuZu Luxe Cosmetic Wipes–  these  USDA Organic Certified anti bacterial cosmetic wipes are drenched with hydrating and nourishing plant extracts. Great for a cool wipe down in the Summer. I run all over NYC and tend to sweat, and these  comes in handy.

3- Nvey Eco Cake High Definition Cake Liner in Black- I love this cake liner! It’s goes from day to night with ease, and doesn’t run in the summer heat.

4- Avocados  I know this is technically not a product, but for me it is. I eat one everyday, and after I cut one, I apply underneath my eyes for a few minutes as an eye mask. I also use an entire avocado mixed with aloe as a pre-shampoo conditioner. I also use it mixed with coconut oil on my feet at night.

5- Nourish Organic Moisturizing Body Wash in Citrus: It smells yummy. It also moisturized with aloe, coconut milk and vitamin E.

Join the BOC Fall virtual slumber party and if you’re selected, you will win an array of fall beauty products by some of your favorite sustainable beauty brands! If you are interested in being a part of my fall Virtual slumber party send me an email at karimorange@gmail.com. Please include your top 5 products, and why you like them. Please also include a head shot and a bit about yourself. Please submit all information by August 31. Enjoy your beauty and your summer!


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