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Muscle Relief

by Organic Spa Magazine

Danna Pratte, left, owner and CEO of NB Pure, a supplement company based in Phoenix, Arizona, began to understand the importance of working out after college. “Hiking and being outdoors is so important here,” she says. “Plus, the older you get, the more you realize, in terms of longevity, the value of living an active lifestyle.”

Post-workout recovery now comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are some standouts.

ROLL Recovery R8 Plus 
Developed with input from professional runners, this recovery tool—and FDA- registered medical device— provides adjustable pressure. It helps improve circulation, reduces inflammation and provides myofascial release, targeting IT bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, arms.

Antedotum Relief Body Balm with CBD 
A luxurious balm with a proprietary complex of 80 percent broad spectrum CBD and 15 percent CBC to ease inflammation and provide sore-muscle relief. An added bonus: It nourishes the skin!

Kneipp Joint & Muscle Arnica Intensive Cream 
With powerhouse plants, including go-to arnica, this time-honored cream easily absorbs into the skin to soothe tired muscles and provide instant relief to workout warriors.

NB Pure Plant Protein
“If you want to build and maintain muscle, you need protein,” says Pratte. With only five ingredients in NB Pure Plant Protein (pea protein), it’s easy to mix on the go—just add water.

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