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Memorial Day Travel Tips

by Organic Spa Magazine

Travel Safety Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Safety experts share tips that can help protect stressed out travelers

Traveling can frazzle your brain. Between trying to remember if you locked up the house or put your ID back into your wallet, thinking about personal safety in airport parking lots is the last thing on most people’s minds.

However, poorly lit parking garages, arms full of luggage, confusing parking signs, forgetting where you parked and keys buried in the bottom of an overflowing purse can make people easy targets for predators. To help people stay safe while traveling, Krav Maga Worldwide, the industry leader in self-defense and safety, has put together a list of common safety mistakes that travelers make and how to avoid them.

Not keeping family and friends in the loop on travel plans.
It is important to inform your family and friends of your travel details so that someone knows where you are and can easily call for help if something seems suspicious. Let them know where you will be staying and how they can reach you. If you are driving to your destination, make sure to also inform them of any place you spend the night along your route.

Not researching the destination, hotel and surrounding area that you will be staying in.
Make sure the hotel/resort you pick is generally safe and is well protected by various security measures. Reading reviews online is a great way to get firsthand accounts of visitors’ experiences. It is also important to know where the closest police station and hospital are to where you will be staying.  

Packing bling bling and carrying armfuls of luggage.
Many people travel with multiple bags, purses, laptop cases and other paraphernalia. But, if your arms and hands are tied up with bags you have no means of defending yourself from an attacker. Luggage that can stack together securely and be pulled by one handle is a safer choice than wearing and carrying numerous bags on your person. Travelers should also dress comfortably and leave the expensive jewelry at home. Not only can jewelry get lost, but it can also draw unwanted attention and make you a possible target for thieves.  

Not following through with the buddy system.
The buddy system might seem childish, but it can save your life and prevent dangerous situations that might occur if you were alone and seemed vulnerable to an assailant. Make sure to take someone with you even if you are just walking to the corner store or in a familiar city.

Not prepared to defend yourself.
Prior to heading to your destination, enroll in a basic self-defense class that will not only teach you physical skills, but verbal and body language cues that can help deter assailants. Continuously practice the moves so that they come naturally to you and you can do them on the spot. It is better to prepare than show up with no form of protection.

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