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Meditation Must Haves

by Sasha Chinchar
meditation comfort

If you’ve never tried meditation, it can seem a bit intimidating. Don’t let this stop you – it doesn’t have to be difficult. After all, meditation is meant to reduce stress and promote happiness.

Honestly, you don’t need anything but yourself to practice meditation. However, it does help when you have tools for comfort and guidance. Here are some of our meditation must-haves to help heighten your experience.

Meditation cushion

Although you can sit down and meditate just about anywhere, a meditation cushion can offer added comfort. Once you go from the hard floor to a soft cushion that can also help with balance, you won’t want to go back. Try the chic and comfortable meditation cushions from Urban Ayurveda.

Meditation space

If you’re planning on meditating at home, finding the perfect place to set your cushion down is a must. Find a quiet place, whether it’s a spare room, den or even a bedroom. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s your own quiet space. Can’t find a space in your home? You may want to search for a nearby meditation studio.

Incense or sage

Burning sage is a sacred ritual that helps purify energy and sets the tone for your meditation. Incense can also create a sense of calm through aromatherapy. Using one or both of these each time you sit down to meditate can help you reach your meditative state quicker as your mind starts to associate these cleansing scents with meditation.

Meditation App

There are a number of apps you can use for meditation. Inscape is a free app that puts a modern spin on meditation by merging traditional techniques with technology. Get your daily meditation fix or use it for short, situational meditations - whether you need morning energy, instant stress relief or a post-workout chill. Apps like this are great for beginners who need some guidance and for those on the go.

These are just a few items that can help take your meditation practice up a notch. Share some of your meditation must-haves with us!

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