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Made in Italy

by Celia Shatzman

Pietro Simone’s active Italian ingredients work their magic at Shibui Spa in New York City

“Our skin is the theater of life.” That is Pietro Simone’s skincare philosophy and it applies to everything he does, from his unique facials, just launched in the U.S. at the Greenwich Hotel’s Shibui Spa in Manhattan, to his innovative product line, Pietro Simone Skincare. 

That’s why no two experiences with the Italian native are ever the same—he customizes every single treatment he gives. “It really depends on what kind of skin I have in front of me,” Simone says. “The skin is different for every single person. The way that I approach facials is starting from the basics, so I need to give the skin the most perfect cleansing possible. I can’t do anything else if I didn’t make the right oxygenation and the right exfoliation.” His facials include his highly original technique of using an organic cotton thread to manually exfoliate, leaving you with an insanely smooth complexion.

That meticulous approach is evident in his latest launch, the Prestige collection, which is comprised of five products. There’s Bio-Recovery, a lightweight slow-release cream that contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump, as well as his exclusive Italian Bella Complex of nutrients to erase damage and strengthen collagen fibers. The Bio-Ageless ampoules turn back the clock with gentle exfoliants and antioxidants. Erase signs of aging with Age-Preserve, which is packed with peptides. The Bio-Perfector Mask rebalances and refines texture while drawing out impurities with tri-bentonite clay. The Prestige Oil tackles uneven pigmentation and improves elasticity. 

The new collection is meant to complement his signature product line. As always, the focus is on ingredients from Italy, including tomato seed oil from Puglia and edelweiss merestamatic cell cultures from the Alps. “It’s a natural technological line, so I use super strong active ingredients,” Simone says. “The main concept for me was to take five of the most active ingredients that we have in Italy, which you can find throughout my line. I’m also a big fan of amino acid and peptides, and that’s why the Prestige collection is my pinnacle for anti-aging. It’s a very strong approach to resurfacing. I can see results instantly.” 


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