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Eco-Shoes: Made for Walking

by Organic Spa Magazine

We admire not only the practical beauty of these boots, but the philosophy behind the company that makes them. El Naturalista, known for its social and environmental conscience, is committed to protecting our planet’s natural resources. Eco-friendly production processes are sought out, traditional craft skills promoted, and natural materials and dyes are used, with all substances being biodegradable or recyclable. Take these boots, for example. We couldn’t think of a more fitting style and color for the holidays. Iggdrasil is the name (style number 138), and Tibet is the color. They’re crafted from pull grain leather and suede, meaning that they’ve  been treated with river stones to temper the hide naturally. This results in a super-soft and very flexible material for walking. Anatomical insoles are crafted from recycled cork, and the rubber outsoles are recycled, as well. Detail we admire: El Naturalista established the Atauchi Project, which helps shelter and educate needy children in Peru and Tanzania, as well as supporting cultural programs and local non-profit organizations in Spain. Says a company spokesperson, “By respecting human and family values, we believe that we can build a responsible company and contribute to a sustainable world.” www.elnaturalista.com 

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